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Dra. Stella Colmenares

Studied Dentistry at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá.

Studies in Temporo Mandibular Joint, Oclussion and Rehabilitation, 1996.

Private practice since 1985.

Trained and graduated as specialist in Hospital Administration at the School of Administration and Business, 1997.

Since 2000, has worked as auditor of public and private entities.

Completed studies in Verification of Accomplishment of Requisites for the Habilitation of Health Care Services at Universidad El Bosque, 2008. Certified as a Verifier of habilitation for the Ministry of Social Protection.

SpecialistsDDS Ltda. has a select group of professionals.

Scientific Direction: DDS Ltda. has a work team composed of a group of dentists specialists in each area, backed up by dental hygienists, dental assistants and dental technicians, compromised with the individual attention and high quality service.